Vitche 's Brew

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¥ 5,940  (~ 1.336.500 đ)

Item Number:  SICJ-10008
JAN / ISBN:  4547366340846
Media:  SACD Hybrid
Sale: Sony Music Marketing Co., Ltd. 
Artist: Miles Davis

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Mô Tả Sản Phẩm

A quadrupolic work by Miles Davis' shockwork "Bitchez Brew" (70) that changed history with the most revolutionary content in the history of jazz appeared in the world for the first time on SA - CD multi - channel! 2channel is also the latest from analog master In mastering, Japan original project to experience Miles' realistic sound world realistically for 48 years after its release. "Bitchez Brew" is called the monument of "Electric Miles", a popular work that became Miles' first gold disc. Participating members such as Wayne Shorter, Joe Zabinur, Chick Corea, John McLaughlin, Jack DiGiñnet and others are also the strongest, and important bands leading the subsequent music scene such as Weather Report, Return to Forever etc. are here It is born from. It was released in March 1970, which was popular not only for jazz fans since its release. Recording is taking place in New York on August 1969 the day after Woodstock is over. Japan original project. Double-sided artwork sticker included. Reprinted by Carlos Santana's special contribution, by Hisamitsu Noguchi when released in 1970 Original Liner Notes, the latest remaster in 2018. <Participating Members> Wayne Shorter (ss), Chick Corea (p), Joe Zavinul (p), John McLaughlin (g), Dave Holland (b), Harvey Brooks (b), Jack Dijo Ronny · White (ds: left), Benny · moupin (bcl), Larry Young (p), Don Alias ​​(ds), Jim Riley (perc)

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