STEINBERG (Steinberg) UR 22 mk II Audio interface 24 bit / 192 kHz USB connection audio interface

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¥ 12,960  (~ 2.903.040 đ)

UR22mkII is an audio interface that further evolved the large selling best-selling model UR22. 2 in 2 out, 24 bit / 192 kHz I / O with the basic performance intact, new loopback function is installed. It can be conveniently used for Internet distribution etc. Also comes DAW software "Cubase AI", multitouch DAW "Cubasis LE" for iPad, you can start making music from the day you purchased.

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Mô Tả Sản Phẩm

Equipped with audio interface and hardware monitoring. You can concentrate on the performance without worrying about latency during recording. Balance between input sound and DAW is also easy with MIX knob. 

· Combine with iOS compatible music production application such as Cubasis, you can realize high quality sound recording anytime anywhere. 

· Equipped with MIDI interface function. Connect your favorite keyboard, sound source, controller, you can easily expand the system. 

· Mix the audio signal input to UR22mkII and playback sound from DAW and loop back to computer. It is a useful function for Internet distribution etc. 

- In addition to USB bus power, 5 V DC terminal which can connect general purpose USB power adapter and mobile battery is installed. It can supply stable electric power when using with iPad. 

· · Compatible with iPad / Mac / Windows 
Not only for Windows and Mac, it also supports connection with iPad. Combined with the iPad compatible music production application such as Steinberg company "Cubasis", high-quality recording can be realized with a simple setting. * For connection with iPad, "Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit" or "Lightning - USB camera adapter" is required. 

· 24 bit / 192 kHz compatible "Cubase AI" download version included
DAW software "Cubase AI" download version compatible with Windows and Mac is included. From that day on which "UR22mkII" was purchased it is possible to build a music production / recording environment compatible with 24bit / 192kHz. 

■ Specification 

Connection terminal: MIC / LINE × 2 (combo jack, TRS input of Ch 2 can be switched Hi-Z), LINE OUTPUT × 2, MIDI IN / OUT, PHONE OUT × 1, USB 2.0 terminal × 1, 5 V DC Terminal × 1 
Size · Weight: 159 W × 46 H × 159 D mm · 1.03 kg 
Included items: TOOLS for UR 22 mk II CD-ROM, Setup Guide (with brochure, warranty card), CUBASE AI DOWNLOAD INFORMATION (paper), USB cable s 

UR 22 mk II Body operation Environment 
Please refer to the manufacturer site for the latest operating environment 
※ Cubase AI included with the product is only 64 bit version. It can not be used in 32 bit environment.

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