Bộ Dụng Cụ Hexagon Stick Y 32 Món

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2019-05-12 11:20

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2019-05-19 21:11

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Mô Tả Sản Phẩm

🛒 #ĐẤU_GIÁ = (Giá sp + phí dịch vụ 6% + Phí đấu giá 324 Yen)* Tỉ giá Buybid  📌 Lưu ý: Mức phí dịch vụ tối thiểu 500 Yên.

Size (box size): Width 93 mm × depth 28 mm × height 138 mm 
Size (grip part): Length 106 mm x diameter 24 mm 
Weight: 215 g (whole) 28 g (grip part only) 
Material (metal part): CRV (chroma vanadium steel ) 
[contents] grip, extension bar (extension bar), bit (36 types) 

set contents 
driver grip × 1 
extension bar (60mm extension) × 1 
hex lobe bit (Hekusurobu / Torx) 
T3 / T4 / T5 / T6 / T7 / T8 / T9 / T10 / T15 / T20 
hexagonal rod bit H0.9 / H1.3 / H1.5 / H2.0 / 2.5 / H3.0 / H3.5 / H4.0 
minus bit -1.0 / -1.5 /-2.0/-2.5/-3.0/-3.5/-4.0 
plus bit + 1.0 / + 1.5 / + 2.0 / + 2.5 / + 3.5 
Y type bit Y 
2.0 triangle bit 2.0 // 2.3 U type bit U2.6 
pentagonal bit 0.8 
round bit 
triangle screws that are used to ○ 1.5 McDonald's Happy Meal prizes and Plarail 
2.0mm of triangular gong that can be used to (triangle / tri-lobe) Bar and, 
Pentarobu that has been adopted in the iPhone (pentagon screw) 
located in the 0.8mm drivers also set. 

[Notes for all special drivers] 
※Please be sure to read it. 
※ Note: Nintendo DS and PS, iPhone and tablet PCs, 
 electric appliances and game machines, such as PC devices, etc., if the general individual without knowledge 
breaks down , the breakdown becomes severe and even the manufacturer can not repair (not covered by warranty, It 
 may be expensive repair etc.) 
※ In addition, it may cause injury or accident such as fire or electric shock. 
※ Please refrain from unintended disassembly or trying to repair without knowledge. 
※ Please make sure to check the contents of the driver set and the type of driver you want. 
※ Because there are a wide variety of special screws, even with a large number of sets, they 
 do not necessarily fit into all toys and game consoles. 

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ Notes to our customers ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ 

About summer vacation】 We 
will be closed from 4/27 (Sat) to
5/6 (Mon). About payment confirmation after 4/25 (Thu) will be sent after the holidays. 
※ Some items will be sent for distribution warehouse storage products. 

About Shipping ] 
All products are on sale for free shipping. 
However, Okinawa, island flights, courier service relay area delivery can not be sent by "free shipping" for all products. 
※ Shipping (about 1.500 ~ 3.000 yen) will be required. 

[About a bid ] 
・ We have refused bid cancellation during holding for auction form. 
 In addition, please pay attention to the auction after not paying enough attention for cancellation after it makes a successful bid. 
 In case of cancellation after a successful bid, the customer gets a "very bad" evaluation on Yahoo auction system. 
 Please bid carefully. 

Procedure after a successful bid ] 
· Please process "dealings navigation" within two days from the successful bid. 
 ※ If you do not contact us, there is a case that you decide that there is no intention to buy and cancel the successful bid. 
-Please give me payment within three business days after a successful bid. 
 Please contact me if payment processing can not be done for your convenience. 

[For sending ] 
· Product delivery due date is displayed on the product page, so please check. 
-Although it is described in the description column of the sending method that Japan Post is out of the fixed form 
 , it may be changed to a courier service, mail service, etc. by sending area, product size, enclosed sending etc. 
・ We do not accept sending company designation, date and time designation, sending at sales office stop. 
・ We will accept all delivery. 
 As a rule, we will send out the goods in a package, but if the storage warehouse is different, we may send separately. 

[In the case of product failure ] 
· After delivery , the product will be within 3 days for initial failure. 
· For products with manufacturer's warranty will be manufacturer-friendly. 
 Sorry to trouble you, but please contact the seller listed in the warranty. 
-The return destination is different depending on the product, so we will contact you so please 
 do not return it yourself.
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